Gift Republic Bucket List Poster

You probably kept a list of the things you would want to take part it in a specific period. Not only do this things motivate you to do more but keep you on your toes to beat the timeline. Now, how about keeping one poster to mark specific movies as you watch them?

This is what this bucket list movie poster does, and it could be an excellent counting tool for movie lovers. The poster is designed to mark each movie one watches, ensuring they keep up with watching the rest of the movies.

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Detailed information about Gift Republic Bucket List Poster

The poster can be one of the gift items for a friend that's obsessed with watching movies. It comes with a list of 100 common but world's best films for a friend to view. After finishing one movie, they can them scratch the slot. Each slot has a fascinating picture of the specific movie.

It is important to note that movies that have multiple series will all have one slot on the poster. The poster makes it attractive for movie lovers to watch and mark out the film as part of ticking a bucket list. Also, the poster can be a lovely conversational tool for new friends, roommates, etc.