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Giant ‘Bubble’ Soccer

Do your kids spend way to much time inside the house, and it’s sometimes hard to get them to go outside and play? Want to give them something to play with that they will actually have fun with? A lot of kids nowadays are so focused on screens that’s all they do. They play video games, they’re on their phones, they watch youtube, they watch movies, they text, and the list can go on and on. Just getting them to even get off for a little while is a miracle in and of itself. With that in mind, we have the perfect solution! We now present to you the Giant ‘Bubble’ Soccer Ball by Garybank!


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Detailed information about Giant ‘Bubble’ Soccer

The Giant ‘Bubble Soccer Ball is not your average little soccer ball that you play the sport with. This is technically not even a ‘soccer’ ball so why it has that in the name, is a pretty great question. The best way to possibly describe this is that this ‘bubble’ goes around you as a protective means, and then you can run into the other person wearing another one and fall down and just bounce back up. It sounds really fun. The bubble comes in 3 different colors; blue dot, red/clear and blue/clear. It is big enough to fit an average sized adult or teen inside of the bubble as well so adults and teens can definitely join in on the fun. In all, it weighs less than a pound however, there is a downside. You do have to blow it up manually by mouth if you do not have an air pump that is, since it does not come with one in the box. Each bubble costs $160 and they do offer a promo where if you buy 6 of them you get a free air pump as well as $50 off, though I am not sure why you would need 6 unless you are getting some for a large group.