Fun Baby Shower Games We Hosted at Our Own Baby Showers

Baby shower games are a great way to engage all of the guests at your shower and have a ton of fun. If you are hesitant to play some games, you shouldn’t be. There are plenty of fun baby shower games out there that are actually fun and that everyone will enjoy.

If you are about to have a baby, that means you are also probably about to have a baby shower! As exciting as pregnancy is, we can all admit that it is also one of the most difficult, stressful times in life. After all, you are growing a tiny human inside of you.

From the morning sickness to planning the nursery, and getting ready for the biggest life change ever- there is a lot that goes on in those 9 months.

Thankfully, a baby shower is an excellent way to celebrate your sweet baby with friends and family and get to relax – even if just for a few hours. One of the best parts of a shower (besides the delicious food and baby shower cake of course) is the games!

Don’t believe us? Here are our top picks for fun baby shower games that we actually played at our own baby showers!

The Most Fun Baby Shower Games List!

1. Who Knows The Mom-to-Be Best?

This is always a favorite game to play at almost any party, as it can easily be adapted based on who the party is for. In this case, since it is a baby shower, play a game of who knows the mom to be best!

This is an easy game to set up that doesn’t require a lot of materials, but it does involve some planning in advance.

Before the party, you need to come up with a list of questions to ask the mom to be. Think things like what is her favorite color, where did she grow up, her first crush, things like that!

Make sure you have a range of questions, but make sure they are all fun and easy to answer in a few words or less. Have her answer each question and write down her answers – and make sure you keep those hidden from all the shower guests.

Once the guests have all arrived you can ask them all the same questions and have the mom to give the real answer after each one. Keep track of who gets the most right – and give her a prize for winning!

We love this game because it is super personal to the mom to be and is sure to make her happy. After all, most baby shower games focus on the baby (which is totally fine!) but including something that focuses just on mom is a great idea that she will love.

Consider getting some mini whiteboards and dry erase markers that all the guests can use to make this even more fun and easy- all they have to do is hold up their whiteboard with their answer!

2. The Dirty Diaper

If you are looking to have some fun, The Dirty Diaper game is always a crowd-pleaser. Sure it sounds gross, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds!

This game involves rounding up a variety of different types of candy bars. Melt each type separately and put each into a diaper (hence the name, dirty diaper). Come game time, each guest has to go up to each diaper and either sniff or taste the chocolate in order to guess what it is!

This game is always a lot of fun and great if you want a light-hearted, silly game that you can play no matter how many guests you have. It is also especially great if you have younger children at the baby shower. They will think this is absolutely hilarious!

3. Pictionary: Baby Edition

Everyone knows how to play Pictionary, and it is a great game to adapt to a baby shower. Have one person come up with all of the possible items people will have to draw.

Make all of the items baby themed! This could be something like a baby animal, or various baby-related items like a rattle, diaper, or pacifier.

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This is great if you have a group of ladies who might not know each other very well – you don’t have to for this game. It is a fun way to get everyone together, and a great way they can start to bond and get to know each other.

This is perfect if the mom to be is inviting either extended family, or combining her friend groups from high school and college, or something along those lines.

4. Blind Diaper Changing Challenge

This game is always one of the most fun. We recommend the mom to be sitting out of this particular game so that she can sit back and watch how hilarious it is as the teams start working. The game is simple!

All you need is large-sized baby dolls and diapers. Depending on how many people are coming to the shower, you can decide how many you will need. You could technically have everyone do their own baby, but that can get expensive having to provide so many dolls.

Instead, split people into teams! If the mom to be is hosting a shower on the smaller side, you might be able to get away with two teams. If not, consider doing three teams.

Each team will be provided with their baby doll. The doll should already be wearing a diaper. Each person on the team will be blindfolded.

Once the game starts, the team will have to remove the existing diaper and replace it with a new one. Whichever team finishes first (and actually has the diaper on correctly!) wins!

This is a quicker game to play, but it is always one of the most fun. We recommend someone setting up their cellphone to record the process so that people can watch afterward.

It is always just as funny to watch back and see how much the teams struggled to complete the task!

5. Guess The Baby

This is a really fun game that is also entirely adorable because it involves looking at pictures of cute babies. To pull this off, you need to let every shower guest know that they need to show up with one of their own baby pictures.

Have them all give their pictures to one designated person who will then display them in a row (this can be as easy as taping them to a wall).

Once it is time to play, everyone goes down the line and guesses who each baby is. Consider having a small container below each picture along with strips of paper so that people can write down who they think the baby is, drop it in the container, and move on to the next baby.

Alternatively, you could number each picture and have people keep their own list. In the end, when the names are revealed, you can award a prize to whoever got the most correct!

While this is among the most fun baby shower games, we recommend playing it if you are hosting a smaller baby shower with a group of ladies who all know each other at least fairly well.

If you have a large shower with tons of people, the game will be a lot harder to pull off, and people won’t know everyone’s names or who to guess!

6. Blind Taste Testing: Baby Edition

If you are looking for another fun game that involves being blindfolded, you can’t go wrong with the blind taste test game. This is always a successful game that people really love because it is so interactive and fun! It is pretty easy to pull off as well. One person will purchase the baby food for the game.

Get as many different flavors as you want- we recommend at least 5, but get more if you want. This person will also have to make sure the identity of the flavors is hidden.

The easiest way to do that is just to remove the labels, as the guests are also going to be blindfolded (just make sure you remember which is which!)

When it is time to play, line up the food and give each guest who is playing their own spoon, and get them blindfolded. Each round, the food gets passed down the line and each person takes a bite.

We recommend using plastic spoons so that each guest can get a new spoon for each round. Then it is time to guess! Have each guest guess what the food is, and whoever gets it right gets a point. Whoever has the most points at the end- wins!

To make this really fun, we recommend getting a variety of unique flavors. Some can be sweeter like apple or pear, then get some that are more savory for a good balance of flavors that will be hard to guess.

Wrapping Up

Have we changed your mind yet? These baby shower games are a ton of fun to play and will ensure that every guest at your baby shower has a great time – from your little nieces to your grandma and everyone in between!

Why not add a few to your itinerary for your baby shower and see what happens? We are sure everyone (yourself included) will have an excellent time!

What has been your experience at other baby showers? Are there normally games played, or is something else done instead? What is the most fun you have ever had at a baby shower? Let us know!

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