‘Forever Family’ Thin Brass Bangle

Buying something nice for someone special is always tricky, especially if you don’t have a bottomless bank account. You want the gift to be special and mean something to the recipient of the gift but if you cannot afford to spend too much money, you will want a present that is affordable but not trashy.

Members of your family and your partner or spouse always deserve a gift that they can have as a keepsake of their relationship with you so that they will always be reminded of the love you both have for each other.

The ideal gift is a piece of jewelry that they can wear all the time whether they are wearing formal or informal clothing. This thin brass bangle from Glam is the ideal way for you to remember yourself to a family member and it won’t break the bank either.

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Detailed information about ‘Forever Family’ Thin Brass Bangle

The bracelet is an oval-shaped brass bangle measuring about 7.25” in circumference so will fit small to medium sized wrists. It has a hook clasp to make sure it is an easy job to remove.

Your immediate family, as well as good friends, will love to be regarded as part of your immediate circle with the bond that links people into families whether they have blood ties or not.

Something as simple as a plain brass bangle with a sentimental engraving can express the love you have for someone that hundreds of words may not.

Even though the bangle is made from brass, it does not mean that you will have to suffer from stained skin. The brass is plated with a choice of silver, yellow gold or rose gold to protect the skin and to give this simply made bangle a touch of quality.


This is a simply decorated brass bangle with a sentimental engraving

Suitable for small to medium sized wrists

Has a secure hook clasp to keep it in place

Choice of silver, gold or rose gold plating