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Nurse Engraved Lobster Claw Bracelet

Nurses are best known for being flexible, strong-willed and compassionate people. Imagine the hours of duty they spend per day rendering care to different patients, relaying messages to concerned friends and family, and just doing their best to ensure everything is taken cared of. Their profession is very tiring and exhausting – that’s why they are called the heroes and soldiers of the healthcare system.

Now we can probably safely assume that you have a nurse (or someone who is aspiring to be one) in your life, which is why you are reading this. We are also assuming that you want to acknowledge all their hard work and give them a little something to remind them that they are doing a great job and that you are proud of them. Look no further, because this beautiful Heart Pendant with the title “Nurse” engraved on it by Rachel Olevia is here to do just that.

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Detailed information about Nurse Engraved Lobster Claw Bracelet

The beautiful crystals adorning the little heart pendant makes this bracelet classy and sophisticated, yet not too flashy – which makes it the perfect accessory to any outfit, casual or formal.

The lobster claw hook also makes it easy to wear and take off when duty calls. The nurse bracelet measures about 8 inches and can fit most wrists. It also comes in a simple yet elegant velvet bag with the designer’s name on it which makes it ready for gift giving.


Looks luxurious and sophisticated

Very affordable

A wonderful little trinket to show your love