Flamingo Sequin Drawstring Backpack

When it comes to lugging your most important items along, nothing really does it as good as the trusty, old backpack. A favorite by young and old people alike, professionals, students and everyone in between, the knapsack carries the most essential things a person needs when they go out of their home and into a place where these essentials are to be used.

These backpacks come in every shape and size, and while some people need a bulky portable container for their stuff, others just need a size that is good enough to fit whatever it is they need to put in there.

Especially for kids, they do not really have a lot of stuff to bring like laptops and whatnot, especially when they are just visiting a friend, going to their sports practice or attending a dance lesson.

For that matter alone, we truly believe that this sequined flamingo backpack by Segorts is for them.

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Detailed information about Flamingo Sequin Drawstring Backpack

Featuring a flamingo silhouette with a super cool reversible sequin design that changes the flamingo color from pink to blue and changes the bag color from blue to pink respectively, this bag will definitely make your kid shine (not just because it is very shiny and glittery).

This flamingo reversible sequin drawstring Backpack is the ultimate birthday or Christmas gift for the sassy flamingo lover (kid or even adult!) in your life and is a great way to sparkle up their outfit in no time.


Trendy reversible sequin design


Durable and high quality