Laptop Sport Backpack for School & Sports Accessories

What every student needs is a rucksack big enough to carry all the important items inside a water and weather resistant cover, as well as side pockets for phone, pens, pencils and a wallet. It also needs additional hanging space for non-essential items and the zippers must be able to be locked to prevent infiltration from pickpockets on the bus, train, or on a crowded sidewalk.

This backpack from Kolako, is a durable and weather-resistant, outdoor travel bag able to carry a 15.6” laptop or MacBook very safely inside a padded compartment.

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Detailed information about Laptop Sport Backpack for School & Sports Accessories

There are multiple compartments perfect for storing all those little essentials that the average student or high school kid needs during the day. There is also a net below the backpack that pulls out and clips onto loops located around the edge of the bag. There is enough room inside the net to place a basketball, cycle helmet or lunch box.

On the underside of the backpack, there are two buckles ideal for strapping a tennis racket, photographic tripod or yoga mat securely and safely until needed. There is an external USB charging port for charging their devices, all that is required is to pack the external power supply inside the compartment. There is also an external earbud hole so the user can enjoy music while cycling or walking without having to worry about the wires tangling.


Many compartments, ideal for all manner of items

External zippers have a combination lock

External USB charging point and earbud hole