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Flamingo Fuzzy Blanket

There is nothing like coming home from a long, exhausting day of work to a cup of hot tea, a comfortable couch, and a soft, warm blanket to finish the day.

Especially when the fall or winter season rolls in and the cold air just makes you want to stay at home and chill all day, a nice, trusty and thick blanket will surely make everything alright in the world again.

Sure, you can get just about any blanket out there, but there is nothing more adorable than this flamingo throw blanket from Rose Home Fashion.

Adorned with a pattern of lovely pink flamingos, this fuzzy throw blanket is the perfect companion when chilling out in front of the fireplace.

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Detailed information about Flamingo Fuzzy Blanket

This fluffy couch blanket measures about 50 by 65 inches, which we think is a great size for you or when you are cuddling with somebody else.

The top part of the blanket has the flamingo patterns on it and the back has the fluffy fleece texture which we all love.

Speaking of washing, it is also easy to wash it; simply throw it in the washing machine, wash cold and tumble dry like usual.


High quality, soft and thick perfect for lounging around while watching TV

A good, affordable price

Big enough to fit one or two humans cuddling

Vibrant and vivid print showcasing nature’s most majestic bird