“Born To Fish” Coffee Mug with Fisherman’s Serenity Prayer

What kind of gift do you get for a fisherman in your life who is always fully equipped with all the necessary fishing gear and everything needed for their fishing expedition? Not another fishing rod of course! Lucky for you, we have the perfect gift idea for this bunch which will without a doubt put a smile on their face.

This “Born To Fish” mug with the fisherman prayer is one that should not miss in a fisherman’s collection. Be ready with a camera in hand to capture the delight on their face when they unwrap the gift. This is a well-made cup that will not only sit around on the mantle as décor item, but it’s also sturdy enough for all-around use.

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Detailed information about “Born To Fish” Coffee Mug with Fisherman’s Serenity Prayer

Whoever receives this mug, they can choose to display it as beautiful fisherman collectible or use it outdoors doing what they do best, fishing; or make it their favorite coffee mug at home. Whichever way the recipient chooses to use it, this is a sturdy and quality mug made of porcelain. It's not too light or too heavy. The weight balances correctly to ensure a firm and comfortable hold for the user.

It's large enough to hold 18oz of drink or beverage which is roughly the size of 3 regular cups of coffee. In case the gets cold, you can easily warm it the microwave since the mug is microwave safe. What more, no hassles when it comes to cleaning. This fisherman cup is dishwasher safe. It can be popped into the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes.


A quality handmade porcelain coffee mug

Printed with Born to Fish logo and fisherman’s prayer

I's dishwasher and microwave safe

It's large and sturdy