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California Picnic Extra-Large Picnic Blanket

Are you thinking of a picnic with your partner, family or friends? These moments not only mean that you appreciate the special people in your life but also help you interact and create stronger bonds amongst yourselves. As you enjoy your picnic treats, you ought to consider your comfort to enjoy to the fullest.

Some of the picnic supplies include a basket and blanket which makes it easy for you to enjoy your time in the outdoors. On this note, your selection determines how comfortable you will be out there. This blanket from California Picnic will come in handy for your next picnic and would be a nice present for your loved one.

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Detailed information about California Picnic Extra-Large Picnic Blanket

It is made of soft acrylic fibers which as eco-friendly and safe for the skin. For convenience, the blanket has PU leather straps to tie around. Also, it has a handle which makes it easy to move around and pack for your trip. The rug measures 87" x 67" when open which is practically large enough for a picnic. When rolled up, it measures 14" x 7" which makes it super easy to pack.