Echo Spot

Sometimes life gets to the best of us. Our lives are really busy. Most of us go through a cycle of daily routines. We get up, get ready, take our kids to school, go to work, pick them up, come home, have dinner, help with school work, get them ready for bed, and then you do that all over again the very next day. What if you could have an easier life? What if you could have a personal assistant with you in your home? What if this personal assistant was really smart? Well, there is and yes you could have this assistant. Best part, you don’t even have to pay this assistant! In fact, they don’t even need to leave your house. Ever. So, what is this assistant? Well, without further ado, we now would like to introduce to you the Amazon Echo Spot!

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Detailed information about Echo Spot

If you have ever heard of the Amazon Show, Amazon Echo, or even the Amazon Echo Dot, then you may have an idea of just what the Amazon Echo Spot may be. The Amazon Echo Spot is the newest member of the Amazon family. Technically, it at the time of writing this, it isn’t even out yet. The Spot is actually very similar to the likes of the Show. One of the big differences though is that the Spot can be considered a smaller version of the Show. Another difference is that the Spot looks more like, well, a ‘spot’ than as opposed to a ‘rectangle’. If you do not know what the Amazon Echo is, it is a virtual, personal assistant that can pretty much do anything, but not everything. You can make phone calls, have video chats, order things from Amazon, turn your lights on, set a timer, turn music on, check the weather, check the news, and more! Oh, and by the way you do this all by using your voice and then Amazon’s Assistant Alexa will speak to you through the Spot or even show you things as the ‘Show’ did. Again, the Amazon Echo Spot is pretty much the same as the Amazon Echo Show but smaller, more compact, and well more rounded.