Eat, Sleep, Game – Men’s Hoodie

Do you have a gamer in your family? By that we mean have you someone such as a son, daughter, husband or wife who enjoys sitting in front of a display screen with a game control pad in their hands? If so then probably the gamer likes to chill out by chatting to friends about the latest level they have reached or the latest game they have bought. When they are out and about they want other gamers to know who they are and that they have a shared interest, namely gaming.

This hoodie from TeeStars is a good quality fleece hoody just waiting to be worn in public.

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Detailed information about Eat, Sleep, Game – Men’s Hoodie

The hoodie has just three words and three icons printed on the front, simply reading Eat – Sleep – Game and with a simple line drawing of a dinner plate with cutlery, a person in bed snoring, and a gaming control pad.

This type of hoodie will always keep the wearer warm and comfortable and will keep its shape without stretching if washed according to the instructions. If a gaming hoodie isn’t the right message for you or your family member, have a look at the other garments that this seller supplies.

There are many different messages and logos and many different garments such as tee shirts, sweatshirts, sports tank tops, bodysuits, and maternity shirts and all of them are made in various sizes so there will be something in their stock to fit just about everyone.


This is a good quality fleece hoodie

50% cotton and 50% polyester

Comes in seven different colors