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DR Skin Sports Pants

Being active comes with knowing the right gear for safety, comfort, and efficiency. That means that different activities will demand specific equipment for personal use. For running, the most important is comfortable clothes and safe shoes designed for running.

This pair of pants from DR Skin is suitable for active individuals and can be used for running, or any other sport. The pants are designed for men and can be a lovely gift idea for the special man in your life. More to this, you will have played a role in supporting his hobbies and interests.

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Detailed information about DR Skin Sports Pants

So, what is in store with this awesome pair of pants? The quality is unbeatable; thanks to the material blend. The pants are made of 92 % polyester and 8 % spandex. This allows a comfortable fit with the slight stretch of the pants. They are smooth on the skin and stretches during activity for optimal comfort. Also, the material is designed with a UV blocking capability of 98.8% for convenience.

One quality that beats most types of pants is the moisture sensing feature. The pants dry out fast to ensure comfort. The breathability allows wicking away moisture and the heat away from the skin for maximum comfort during activity. Also, the pants are designed to retain heat during cold months hence suitable for all seasons. These pants are ideal for all sports including running, skiing, yoga, cycling, baseball, etc.