Decodyne ‘Whatever I’m Late’ Wall Clock

We all have that one friend or family member (or maybe it’s you) who always runs late. This is the kind of person who will get late for just about anything.

Whether it’s casual meet up with friends like brunch, dinner dates, baby showers, parties, weddings or important and formal occasions like a school board meeting, business meeting, or work, this person just never ever keeps time in every single occasion.

And when they eventually make it to the meeting or event, these perennial latecomers will, of course, start with “Sorry, I am late” as they try to explain their lateness. Sometimes their reasons are genuine, and other times, well, it’s the same old same old.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, we might have just found the most suitable gift for the punctually challenged person in your life.

The Decodyne Whatever I am Late wall clock designed with numbers randomly falling off their usual positions is a perfect humorous gift for perpetual latecomers.

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Detailed information about Decodyne ‘Whatever I’m Late’ Wall Clock

This clock is cleverly designed to pass a message to chronic latecomers. It features a hilarious, frivolous expression that reads "Wherever I am late anyway" accompanied by a haphazard jumble of numbers which are seemingly falling all over the place.

Perhaps what this clock seeks to capture, it's the bustle and hustles commonly witnessed when rushing out, and you are seriously running out of time.

It is like it reads your mind at that point when you hopelessly late and you are thinking, "I am late anyway,” or “do I need to take my schedule this seriously?"


A humorous clock for perennial latecomers

It will add decorative accents in any space

Battery operated