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Crap Taxidermy Hardcover – by Kat Su

White elephant gifts do not have to be the usual everyone is used to. You could find funny and silly pieces to give friends and family. The trick is to find something they can relate with and find humor in every bit. This could be in the form of funny books, wearable items as well as tech devices.

One crazy white elephant gift you could get a friend is this Crap Taxidermy hardcover book. It is filled with hilarious pieces in the science of animal stuffing. One thing that makes it super funny is the tags and phrases used to describe it. It can be a great gift for everyone regardless of age.

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Detailed information about Crap Taxidermy Hardcover – by Kat Su

It can be an appropriate coffee table book which brings humor in the art of stuffing animals. More to this, it comes with a DIY illustration of how to stuff a mouse. This is so funny that everyone will be cracking up by the sight of it.

One of the things one can take home from the book is awful illustrations of taxidermy in the book. This is however not in a wrong way rather a funny effect from the descriptions to the pictorials. If you have a group of friends that find humor in dry jokes, then this for sure will crack them up.