Coco x Cordoba Mini Guitar

Music, to most people, can be a refreshing and relaxing activity of all times. Some prefer recorded playlists while some delve into instruments. One of the most played instruments happens to be the guitar. It is pretty easy to learn for those interested and does not need one to perfect at the start.

On this note, a guitar can be a lovely gift for someone that wants to learn how to play it. It can also work as a gift for music lovers and those that have perfected the skill. This Cordoba mini guitar can come in handy as a gift for a guitar lover and is couples up with the best functions as far as guitars are concerned.

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Detailed information about Coco x Cordoba Mini Guitar

The mini guitar is a fun, travel-size nylon string guitar and is inspired by a new film; Coco. The film is by Disney Pixar, and the details match the theme. The guitar has a durable satin finish and function well just like a full-size guitar. It is designed for the adventurous guitarist, and the compact size makes it easy to carry around.

The guitar’s structure consists of spruce top and mahogany sides and back for durability. The tone of the guitar is bright and has a full projection of tunes when it is played. The design is inspired by the guitars and the Mexican heritage that feature all through the film; Coco. And, since the guitar is built for adventure, it comes with a Cordoba bag and a guitar strap for ease of movement.