CHEESE LOG Board and Knife Set Reviewed

Cheese boards can be so boring, can’t they? Usually, they come as a boring rectangular piece of wood and you cut the cheese with a knife with a curly forked end. Not this one! The log board and knife set from Fred & Friends is something a bit different and a bit whimsical.

Fred & Friends are a company that specializes in taking the ordinary kitchen and household utensils and changing them into something new and exciting. There is no reason to have a boring cheeseboard when you have one of Fred & Friends’ cool looking and so practical cheeseboards.

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Detailed information about CHEESE LOG Board and Knife Set Reviewed

The board measures about 8” in diameter. The cheese knife is in the shape of a small wood chopping axe and is made from food grade stainless steel. The whole set comes delivered inside a full-color box displaying what is inside. The cheese board is made from strips of beech wood glued together just like any other chopping board and so (like other wooden chopping boards) they must not be allowed to be in contact with water for a long time.

This is a lovely gift for those of us who like to eat real cheese but haven’t got a proper cheeseboard. This is a cheeseboard that is slight ‘tongue in cheek’ and blends in with the other kitchen utensils from Fred & Friends. Buy one for friends and members of your family such as spouse, parents, siblings and grown-up children who have their own place. Buy one for someone who is moving into a new home or is remodeling their kitchen or maybe just doesn’t own a proper cheeseboard.


The cheese log board and knife set are just what cheese eaters need to keep their cheese in one place on the table

Made from food quality beech wood and with a stainless steel knife blade

Lovely idea to produce a truly unique cheeseboard