[Cat Paw] Soft Silicone Wrist Rests

The number of hours you spend on your office desk could be slowly eating up your health. That is if you have not implemented safety measures to protect you from occupational hazards. Many people think that back pain is the most important to consider when sitting on your desk. But, do you know you can also get serious effects on your wrists if you strain.

Yes, this would happen when you write for long without wrist support or hold onto the mouse with your wrist suspended. The best solution to these would be to get a wrist rest and alleviate such issues. You could also get some for your loved ones and save them from wrist pains.

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Detailed information about [Cat Paw] Soft Silicone Wrist Rests

This wrist rest from Panda Super Store is a suitable choice. It comes with a cute paw-like design featuring a soft surface to rest your wrist. The top is made of Lycra cotton on a soft silicone pad. The bottom is non-slip which ensures the pad stays in place for a long time. The wrist rest is suitable for those that spend long hours writing or using the computer mouse.

The soft cotton provides a puffy yet stable surface to rest your wrist as you work. More to this, the creative design makes it a beautiful accessory for your office desk. The colors are calm and blend well with other office items. This wrist rest measures about 195 x 260 x 25 mm. It is a suitable size for everyone including school-going kids.