Babe Hardcover by Petra Collins

It is said that using photographs passes the message better than writing it down. This is why most sort-after authors and publishers utilize art and photography in their work to visually attract their readers and make an impact. Photography is an art anyone can adopt but what matters is the message it passes across. If you love keeping a collection of pictures with an attached message or lesson, then this one by Petra Collins should be one of your favorite. You can also gift this to your loved ones.

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Detailed information about Babe Hardcover by Petra Collins

Babe is a 192 pages hardcover book consisting of photographs from over 30 artists. The Publisher, Petra Collins seeks to communicate with people about the space of a feminist in today’s world. She has an online collective; The Ardorous, which includes work from fellow photographers and which is the inspiration behind Babe.

The world today shows how people should live, talk, and do everything that affect behavior. This book breaks the narrative by showing how women can own their lifestyle without feeling like it is wrong. Some of the photos like lying on period-stained sheets redefine the females’ space and that it is normal to go through such experiences.


The pictures in this book are different in style and come from different locations, but the message is one. The artists have an aim to preach to the modern girl about taking control of their world and being the female they are.