The Bridal Shower Etiquette Tips Nobody Told You About

Weddings are a monumental occasion in every couple’s life, but when it comes to the bride she’ll definitely be looking forward to her bridal party. Whether you’re responsible for hosting the party or if you’re the guest of honor, it’s recommended that you think about bridal shower etiquette.

From knowing who should be responsible for hosting the event to picking the right gifts for every woman, we’ve compiled a great list of the top 10 must-know tips that everyone should know.

1. Who Hosts the Party?

When it comes to figuring out who’s responsible for the planning and hosting, the tradition is the maid of honor. In the past, it was frowned upon for immediate relatives (mothers, sisters, future mother-in-law’s) to host showers, but it’s becoming far more acceptable today. In most cases, it’s best if the maid of honor, or the best friend of the bride, throws the party along with the help of her bridesmaids.

No matter who throws the event, it’s important that the host attends and is available to answer questions, set up the decorations, and ensure that the entire party runs smoothly. Also, they are responsible for greeting and mingling with guests.

2. When to Send Invitations?

Once the engagement is announced it can be easy to get swept away in the idea of letting everyone know the date of the party. But, you won’t want to let people know too early or too late. Typically you should send your invitations to guests 6 weeks before the date of the party.

This time frame gives everyone more than enough time to plan their schedules, outfits, and to save up for gifts. Plus, it’s not too far in advance to where people will forget the date. It’s a great idea to send a save the date fridge magnet along with the bridal party invitation so people will have a constant reminder that they are booked that day.

3. Who to Invite?

The entire guest list for the party will be dependent on the number of people that are coming to the wedding. A shower can be as quaint as 5 people or as large as 80. Ideally, you’re going to want to invite the people that are the closest to the bride, such as best friends and immediate family. It’s also important to make sure everyone attending the party has also been invited to the wedding.

4. When and Where Should I Host the Event?

Deciding when to host a bridal party will depend on the schedule of the bride, but it’s also important to book the event within a certain time frame of the wedding. It’s recommended that you try to plan the party 2 to 8 weeks before the date of the wedding.

When it comes to choosing the right venue, it’s always best to do it at your home but there are plenty of options in your immediate area. Again, this depends on the personality of the bride, as you’ll want to choose a venue that suits who she is. For example, if she is looking for a classy afternoon then you can plan the event for a country club. If they want something small and quaint, there’s always the benefit of hosting it at you home.

5. How to Send the Invitations?

Remember, the invitations for the party are going to say a lot about the event but you don’t want them to say too much about the wedding. Many brides prefer to save their wedding colors for their wedding invitations. For example, if the bride chooses black and gold for their wedding colors, the party invitations should be white and black or any other variation.

There are hundreds of ideas that you can use for party invitations ranging from something sweet and simple to something a little more high-end. There’s always the benefit of opting for a timeless and stunning customized invitation. Although you have as much leeway as you need to create phenomenal invitations, sending them should be done through postal mail only.

6. What About Bridal Party “Rituals”?


There are dozens of trends that have made their way from older generations to modern ones. For example, having the groom show up with flowers right before his fiancée begins to open gifts, making a bouquet out of the ribbons from gifts, and more.

Not only are rituals a customary part of throwing a bridal party, but they’re also fun. Since they’re expected, your guests will be looking forward to it. As an example, working with the groom to surprise the bride with a beautiful bouquet and everyone being able to see the sheer joy on her face will make the whole day worth it.

7. How Do I Choose Bridal Party Games?

This part is probably the easiest part of bridal party etiquette because you can’t really go wrong when it comes to choosing games. The main thing you’ll want to take into consideration is your guest list. If you choose to invite only close family members, you can pick games that relate directly to the life of the bride. But if you are inviting distant friends and relatives, you won’t want to make them feel left out by creating personal games about the guest of honor.

bridal shower games

It’s always a great idea to create something that everyone can take part in, such as designing a wedding dress out of toilet paper. It’s the duty of the bridesmaids to get everyone involved in the games so they can have a great time.

8. Is a Gift Registry Necessary?

Many brides prefer to create a gift registry for their bridal party simply because it makes the gift giving much easier for everyone involved. Though it is important to note there are many brides that don’t like the idea of registries because it makes them feel as if they are asking for gifts.

If the bride has created a registry, you can include the website address on the invitations for all of the guests and they can choose whether they will buy through the registry or not. In the event that the bride decides to not open a registry, set up a small table somewhere in the venue where guests can drop their gifts off at their leisure.

9. How to Keep Track of Gifts

As another duty that should be handled by the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, everything should be recorded while opening gifts. You can easily create a chart that will include the name of the gift and the name of the friend or family member who gave the gift. This is one of the most important aspects of bridal party etiquette because it gives the bride the information she needs to write thank you notes.

10. How Do I Thank the Host?

This tip is particularly important for the bride. Even though you might say “Thank you” to your host several times during the event, it’s important that you take the time to do something special for them. Whether they’re a family member or a friend, you can give them a small gift to show your appreciation. For example, getting them a gift card to their favorite store or a small box of spa goodies for them to enjoy.

Bridal parties are meant to be a fun and loving way to show your excitement for the new life the bride and groom are about to embark on. Whether you’re her best friend or her family member, be sure to make the day as special as possible just for her.

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