Blue by Betsey Johnson Women’s Stela Dress Pump

Shoes complete any day’s look and the selection depends on the occasion. While there are a variety of women shoes in the market, detailed pieces are fewer, and the style may not match up to everyone’s preference. But, as long as you determine the suitability of your shoes to the occasion, the task of choosing the best pair is easier. Now, selecting a pair of shoes for a wedding or similar event totals down to getting a comfortable pair that still shows elegance for a bright look. These pumps by Betsy Johnson are a hit.

In a champagne gold color, the pumps feature a mesh design on the upper which shows toe cleavage. On top of that, these shoes have a glittery effect on the toe and heel area for extra style and elegance. If you are worried about shoes holding up well, then this heel is a good solution. It has straps at the front, and you can tie them for the right fit. It has a synthetic sole and a 4″ heel which is comfortable to wear without straining your feet.

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Detailed information about Blue by Betsey Johnson Women’s Stela Dress Pump

These pumps are best suited for weddings owing to the style and design. The glitters remain on the shoes, and you will not notice any chips on your feet. The champagne gold color complements most outfits and would make a nice pair for an evening ceremony. If you have not found a suitable gift for someone that is planning their wedding, getting these shoes for them would be a lovely surprise.