PreHeels Clear Blister Prevention Spray

These boots were made for walking, but those heels weren’t. That doesn’t mean your fashionista friends aren’t going to spend sun-up to sundown in their gorgeous, clicking stilettos. You can help your stylish mates protect their feet with PreHeels, a remarkable, spray-on product designed to prevent blisters and chafing. Unlike bandages, PreHeels is completely invisible, so style is never compromised. It also stays in place even if the shoe shifts, adhering directly to the exact size and shape of the wearer’s skin.

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Detailed information about PreHeels Clear Blister Prevention Spray

PreHeels also dries completely, so there is never any danger of those expensive heels getting ruined by a greasy gel or balm. Spray PreHeels on once and forget about the pain for the next six hours. PreHeels can most certainly be used with other types of shoes too—flip flops, running shoes, Oxford, saddle shoes, loafers, and flats. Whether it is the heels, toes, or t-strap chafing at the skin, this product has it taken care of. Even chafing bra straps and shorts can be deterred with this versatile product.