Big Girls’ Denim Vest

Every girl and woman knows that the key to a great outfit is to accessorize, whether it’s with jewelry, hats or even extra layers. And a jean vest is the perfect outer layer to make any outfit a little edgier and a little more stylish. CHICFOR understands this and has designed an awesome denim vest that will make any teen feel punk rock! Big Girls’ Denim Vest is made of denim with metal buttons for style and for the convenience of closing the vest if you so wish. The vest also sports two real breast pockets, a turn-down collar and frayed sleeve edges for a rougher look. It’s super cute and super comfortable! Plus, it goes with any outfit!

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Detailed information about Big Girls’ Denim Vest

Any fashionista knows that it’s important to have versatile items in the closet, things that you can wear with anything and to any event. This helps keep your closet small and your look fashionable! And one of those important versatile items is a denim vest. It’s the perfect combination of sweet country and edgy rock that can make any outfit stand out. Pair it with a dress and some boots and get that sweet girl-next-door look or pair it with some ripped jeans and a crop top for a more dangerous look. Whether your outfit is for the day, this denim vest is sure to make it stand out.