Best Friend Keychain

Best friends need something to express the beautiful friendship that can blossom between two people. They need something to remind each other that these two people have something special. A keychain can be the perfect friendship gift as it is something that most people keep on them all the time.

In their pockets, in their purse and in their rucksack, a front door key, car key or locker key never goes far from its owner and this beautiful reminder of the friendship of two people should never go far from its owner as well. This keychain from iJuqi is the ideal gift for one best friend to give to another.

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Detailed information about Best Friend Keychain

All the metal parts are made from stainless steel so there will be no rust, no allergies, no staining of skin, no fading and no corrosion. The keychain will look as good after many years of use as it does now, just like the friendship it commemorates. The keyring and tag together measure about 2” long and the tag is about 1” diameter by 2mm thick so it is big enough to keep all the important keys safe but small enough to fit comfortably into a pocket or purse.

The keychain itself comes packaged inside a specially designed bag, just right for giving to that special someone. This is a sentimental gift that your best friend will love to keep with them.


This is made from stainless steel so will stay as fresh as the day it was gifted

It will not stain skin or corrode

It says everything that two best female friends would want to say to each other

Costs less than $10