10 Reasons Why Being Single is Actually Awesome!

The idea of being single is something that a lot of people are afraid of, especially if you’ve lived your whole adult life in a relationship. Trying to get a grasp on reality after losing your significant other can be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome, but in reality, there are millions of people in the world who have gone through the same thing and emerged as a stronger and more resilient person. Being single isn’t bad, it’s one of the most freeing feelings in the world, and here’s why.

1. Loving Yourself

Are you tired of having to put yourself second in an effort to take care of someone else first? Even though we all like to see ourselves as selfless, never really taking the time to take care of yourself and appreciating who you are can be overwhelming and honestly, you end up losing sight of who you really are. It’s about time that you took the jump to finally start loving yourself because all of your flaws and insecurities are what make you unique and strong. Plus, the more that you love yourself, the easier it will be to find your perfect partner whenever you’re ready.

2. Reflecting on Your Life

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Everyone has a list of things that they want to accomplish in their lifetime, whether it’s passing their finals or traveling the world. When you’re in a relationship, you tend to lose track of all of your goals and aspirations once you realize that you’re not the only person in your world anymore. It’s important that you take advantage your newfound freedom and reflect on the things that you want to do because honestly, you’d be surprised at how many things you’ll be able to experience now that you’re single.

3. Seeing Life Differently

As mentioned, when you’re in a relationship you’re essentially bound to another person, which can force you to see life in a different way. Even for things as small as ordering what you want for dinner instead of choosing a restaurant that 2 people would like. You now have the opportunity to see life differently, from your personal perspective, and you can live your life the way you have always wanted to.

4. More Time with Friends

It’s common that people in relationships don’t keep up with their friendships as often as you want to spend the majority of your time with your significant other, but this is one of the worst things you can do as your friends are a big part of who you are today. Instead of being burdened by another person, you have the opportunity to flourish amongst your social circles, hang out with new people, and mend old relationships that have fallen apart.

5. Experiencing Personal Fulfillment

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Slightly related into learning how to love yourself, personal fulfillment is something that a lot of people are missing when they’re tied down to someone else. When you take the steps to do the things you want to do, visit places you’ve always wanted to see, and accomplish personal goals you will feel incredibly fulfilled, which is something that is far better than relying on someone else for happiness and a sense of wellbeing.

6. Alone Time is Great

If you recently got out of a long-term relationship, you’ve probably lost an understanding of how great alone time can be, in small doses. There’s nothing better than curling up in your giant bed, turning on Netflix, and watching a ton of shows that you otherwise would have added to your list to watch “later”. Now, you have the opportunity to do everything you’ve ever wanted without having to worry about someone else.

7. Getting Rid of Drama

No matter how you look at it, nearly every relationship has its dramatic moments, though some are worse than others. If you were partnered with someone who constantly needed to make a big deal about everything, what’s the point in going through all of the additional stress? Imagine living a life where the only drama you come across is when your friends come to you to vent about their relationships. You can brush it off and enjoy having an amazing day, without having to worry about an argument when you get home.

8. Having Fun Again

It doesn’t matter how easy-going your ex was, there are certain things that you simply shouldn’t do when you’re in a relationship such as mingling with other single people in your area and having excessive amounts of fun without your significant other. Little do most people realize that once you don’t have someone else keeping you back from living your best life, you have the opportunity to have as much fun as you want. Do you feel like going to the club on the weekend with your friends? Go for it! Maybe you always wanted to strike up a conversation with the stunning neighbor next door. Nothing’s holding you back now.

9. You Get to Look Your Best


Once you reach that comfortable state in a relationship, you’re undoubtedly going to stop shaving your legs as often and start wearing less flattering clothes that are more comfortable than they are impressive. As a result, you might lose a part of you that you always adored, the part that helped you to put on a full face of makeup because you want to or the part that encouraged you to buy that gorgeous outfit at the mall. Now that you don’t have anyone to give you that sensation of being “settled down” you can start taking care of yourself again and doing the aesthetic things you love such as getting your nails done, getting your beard trimmed, or even showering with luxurious products.

10. Finances are Easier

Depending on your personal situation, your finances will have the ability to take a break in comparison to the strain they were put under when you were in a relationship. Not only will you have the freedom of having your own place, but you also won’t have to worry about buying two meals instead of one, purchasing special gifts for holidays, and even doubling your utilities bills because there are two people in the household. This can give you the flexibility you need to start saving for future adventures and aspirations you hope to achieve.

Being Single is Awesome and Easy!

Once you’ve had the ability to get over the woes and self-pitying, it’s time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get out into the world. There are millions of people just waiting for you to show your true self and shine, so why not take advantage of it as soon as you can?

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