Bed-OMETER Bedroom Sign

Getting a gift for a couple can be a bit challenging. It means you have to get something that will interest two people at once. Whether it’s an engagement party, anniversary, wedding shower, or the wedding itself you have to go out of your way and shop for a memorable gift to celebrate them.

How about getting something fun and memorable that will always make the couple laugh when they see it? Isn’t marriage supposed to be all fun and exciting especially in the bedroom? This Bed-OMETER bedroom sign from DISH NANNY could be the most fun gift to give to a couple, and it will remain to be memorable to them. It’s a fun gift specially made for couples to lighten up their bedroom affairs and have fun while at it.

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Detailed information about Bed-OMETER Bedroom Sign

The bedroom sign, which measures about 7" x 2" is a symbol of a temperature gauge, and it supposedly reads a partners mood and lets the other know about their body's inner desire at that moment. It’s meant to make the couples have a fun moment and spice up their intimacy and sex life.

In fact, the Bed-OMETER sign would be a perfect gift for a bachelorette party or bridal shower where all things sex among couples are usually the main fun topics of the day.

The device is pretty easy to operate. All one needs to do is move the slide on the device up and down to show the mood for the night. It's well labeled with a full scale which represents different moods.


It’s a fun gift for couples

It is made of a durable plastic material

It’s easy to install