Barbuzzo Lab Shots (Set of 4) – Bring Out Your Inner Nerd!

What will be the first thing to notice when you visit a science lab? You won’t fail to get some safety goggles (your eyes are delicate, you know this!), watch glasses, Bunsen burner, crucibles, funnels among others.

If you have a science geek, maybe a doctor or bio/chem grad in your life, why not surprise them with Barbuzzo lab shots that come with four pieces.

The best time to present them with such a gift is during a science fair or when they have another achievement that sets their career on another milestone. It raises their spirits and gives them the oomph to continue performing crazy mixes in their man caves.


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Detailed information about Barbuzzo Lab Shots (Set of 4) – Bring Out Your Inner Nerd!

The items are made out of high-quality glasses that are clear. Anyone can quickly notice the chemical color change taking place inside. They are also hard and do not break easily.

A good science nerd can keep them for a long time. They will remember you for the gift as long as they don’t break. To make them continue drinking 'chemicals' for years, advise them to handwash only.


Good for beverages or decorations

Super thin glass yet very strong

Very well done prints on the body


Fades fast when wiped with hot water or paper towel