AURA Frames – Digital Photo Frame Reviewed

The trouble with regular picture frames is that you have to print the picture and mount it, or maybe you have the hassle of copying them all to a USB stick and sending them by post. These are such a nuisance! Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you could upload a photo directly to a relative’s picture frame via Wi-Fi and bypass all the rigmarole of emailing, printing mounting and so on?

Now you can do just that! “Aura Frames” from AURA are so simple to use and yet so useful. All you do is buy your relative one of the frames and they connect it to Wi-Fi and link it to the app you have downloaded. Then whenever you wish to send a picture, just add photos from the special free App and they will automatically load into the frame’s memory. Of course, you don’t have to send them to another person’s frame; they could automatically appear on your own too.

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Detailed information about AURA Frames – Digital Photo Frame Reviewed

The App is compatible with Android and Apple devices and anyone in your family, whether local or living far away can share photos in this way. There is no longer any need to email photos or post USB sticks or CDs. There really is unlimited photo sharing without a subscription so everyone can share each other’s photos as they are taken.

The quality of the photo is unbelievable. The clarity of 2048 x 1536 resolution is quite amazing and it ensures that the photos will always be displayed in vibrant, living clarity. The software automatically excludes blurred pictures too so there won’t be a problem with that.


This will hold unlimited numbers of photos

Choice of six different styles for the frames

Photos are shared directly via Wi-Fi and the free App