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Assorted Dehydrated Marshmallow Bits in Jar

Here is something that will ignite your childhood fantasies and the great memories that are simply hard to forget. Remember the box of Lucky charm when growing up? You or know someone who would secretly separate the oats and the marshmallows. Of course, we all know too well that the oats probably ended up in the dustbin while they enjoyed all the goodness of the marshmallows!

Now you have a chance to enjoy the amazing deliciousness of the charms guiltfree. This jar of assorted dehydrated marshmallow bits is the ultimate bliss and a perfect definition of a childhood dream come true. If you know someone who lived for the charms, then this jar will certainly blow their mind and have their eyes popping the moment they see it.

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Detailed information about Assorted Dehydrated Marshmallow Bits in Jar

The 2.5-pound jar comes filled with nothing but a colorful deliciousness of dehydrated marshmallows. The bits are sized into small sizes which makes them a perfect treat to add into your favorite bowl of cereal, a mug of steaming hot chocolate, or mix in a cup of yogurt. Whether you choose to mix them or add as topping in baked treats, a cup of cocoa or eat them in bits all by themselves, these colorful treats are simply amazingly sweet and are certainly a purchase that you should make with confidence.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a jar for yourself and spread the love to your family members and friends and let them relish their childhood memories by indulging in the sweetness of these assorted dehydrated marshmallow bits.



Tasty and sweet colorful assorted dehydrated marshmallows bits

Sized into small bits making it fun to add and mix into special treats

Comes packaged in a big jar


The product comes unsealed