Areaware Gradient Puzzle

Puzzles are not only a great pastime for just about anyone, from adults to children but they also engage our brains and improve our short-term memory. This the memory that significantly helps us to remember colors, shapes, and the ability to visualize and figure a big picture where each piece fits together. They are a great learning tool and a fantastic way to jog our memory and keep it active and alert.

With that being said, we all know someone in our circle of friends, or a loved one, or a family member who is a true definition of puzzle aficionado. The kind that is always engrossed in a challenging puzzle from brain teasers to jigsaws and so on. If you tick the box, then this Areaware Gradient puzzle will be the ultimate challenge and the best gift to them.

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Detailed information about Areaware Gradient Puzzle

To solve the gradient puzzle, one needs to get the color of each piece right and position it in its correct place. If you are working on this particular puzzle with a partner, both of you should see each color the same way to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle is made of thick stock and a premium glossy, high-quality art paper which makes it comfortable to the hands. This also means that it can be assembled repeatedly without any signs of losing its edge.


This puzzle is a great way to sooth the mind and meditate on colors

It's an excellent pastime for anyone and a great indoor game

Available in different color variations