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America’s Great Hiking Trails

People who love the great outdoors prefer to hike whenever they are able and thus appreciate the different types of landscapes that are available. This book “America’s Great Hiking Trails” written by Karen Berger and photographed by Bart Smith, is the kind of book that will be appreciated by anyone who loves the outdoor life.

The book covers virtually all the different natural areas that are just great for hiking and camping. It contains enough different and varied outdoor places to be counted as a hiker’s bucket list. It is full of illustrations and full-color photographs and covers more than 50,000 miles through the most iconic trails to be found in America.

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The book is split into featured trails and each one has its own section describing the landscape and comes complete with its own map and photo gallery. The trails are described in great detail and especially highlight the most scenic areas along with suggestions for a much shorter weekend or day-long hike. The photographs have been taken by Bart Smith who is the first person to hike all the way along each one of the eleven National Scenic Trails. This book is great for anyone who has an interest in the outdoors, conservation, hiking and camping.

The book has earned three awards: The 2014 Gold Winner for the INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards for Adventure and Recreation; the Gold Award for The Society of American Travel Writers Eastern Chapter; the 2015 Lowell Thomas Travel Award for the Best Travel Book given by the Society of American Travel Writer’s Foundation.


This is a book for the experienced hiker who loves the long trail and getting away from it all for days on end, and it is also a book for the less experienced hiker who can only get away for a day or a weekend

It is sold as a hardcover and will look great on a coffee table or in the bookshelf