Always Remember You are Braver/Stronger/Smarter Than You Think – Necklace

Jewelry has always been a trend to give as a present and is basically a universal gift for adoration and showing your love in material form. It never goes out of style, looks amazing and most importantly, its sentimental value increases as time goes by and is generally loved by everyone.

So if you are stuck in a rut trying to come up with something unique for your special someone, well you are in luck, because we found just the perfect necklace for you – and we found it in this cool pendant necklace from Lauhonmin.

This stunning necklace is shaped like a dog tag and has an inspirational message imprinted on it, saying “always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know”.

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Detailed information about Always Remember You are Braver/Stronger/Smarter Than You Think – Necklace

This unisex necklace can be made with either stainless steel or zinc alloy, depending on your specifications. These materials are of high quality so you do not need to worry about it changing color. This lifetime keepsake is made with non-toxic materials, is guaranteed safe and won’t rust, distort or get damp.

Each necklace has an overall length of 23.6 inches and 0.06 inches thick. Lauhonmin not only makes sure their products are made with precision and high-quality materials but also guarantees that their products are sent with utmost care and safety. Each necklace you purchase is carefully packed and comes with a black, velvet gift bag that makes it perfect for gift giving right away.



Elegant packaging

Unique and motivational message adds a personal touch

Made with non-toxic materials

Durable and high quality