Alternatives to Coffee That Are Just As Effective

Coffee drinkers alike know all too well the addictive tendencies that result from their coffee habit. There are certain times of the day that coffee drinks recall needing a cup of joe. Special mugs and stirrers, to-the-dime amounts of milk or sugar, and certain brands of coffee beans are amongst daily thoughts for many coffee lovers.

The drink soon becomes as ritual as Church on a Sunday, and it seems there isn’t often an escape from the hyper-headaches when a morning cup is missed, or a way to retreat from acidic liquids when coffee is the main-squeeze. Although it may seem like your world would fall apart without coffee, you’d be surprised (or not surprised) to know that stepping away from your big dose of daily coffee for a bit can lead to a healthier, more balanced diet.

We’ve compile a short and sweet list of coffee drinks that aren’t coffee; beverages that retain the same energy boost and deliciousness that a cup o’ joe brings into our lives. Although we understand that the initial shock of swapping out a cup of coffee for something new is  challenge, the overall benefits of introducing variety into your daily pick-me-ups is integral to balance! In moderation, yes, coffee is good for you. However, a cleaner-burning fuel might wake you up a bit more, nourish your body, and keep you going a bit longer than coffee. It may also just re-define how much you love coffee, and if this is the case, we’ve done a good deed, too.

Green Tea

Tea is a simple, green alternative to a thick, dark cup of coffee. Get vitamins, hydrations, and energy with a cup of green tea.  There is a large variety of green teas available, and they are all strong in taste and in caffeine. The buzz will last a long time, and it also won’t leave you wanting to fall asleep or add in all those extra calories of milk or cream! You are what you eat, and if green tea is anything, it’s healthy and energy-boosting!

Chia Smoothies

Chia seeds are loaded with proteins and other nutrients that are rich and replenishing for post-workouts and in-between work shifts. A chia peanut-butter smoothie with almond milk and spinach is not just energizing, but it is also packed with healthy ingredients!

Chia seeds are an expense to purchase, but last a long time if you use only a bit at a time. There are even ancient tribes that simply live off of chia seeds and run hundreds of miles a day in the northwestern Mexico area, the Tarahumara, or “the Running People”. Imagine replacing coffee with that type of energizer, and forget about post-lunch fatigue and groggy mornings into work!

Macha Latte

A lot of coffee drinks enjoy the comfort of coffee and holding something warm in their hand before their daily lives pull them into a million different directions. Matcha lattes are also invented for the coffee-as-comfort people!

Matcha is different from Green Tea in that you are digesting the entire Green leaf as opposed to steaped tea leaves, which means more caffeine and more nutrients! Match has been linked to lower physical diseases, including cancer. It is also strong enough to wake you right up, and goes great with foamy cashew or almond milk! A bit of cinnamon to touch, and you can kiss your coffee days goodbye!


Although Kombucha is trendier than ever right now, this all natural, organic product is made from fermenting tea with a symbiotic colony of a bacteria called yeast, or “scoby.” The drink is flavorful, carbonated, and loaded with probiotics and stomach-nourishing nutrients. The fizzy beverage can get you hooked on it with its array of different flavors and the spicy after-taste. Since 80 percent of your immune system is located in your gut, you might as well consider your daily dose of coffee to treat and benefit your immune system- and your overall stomach health for that matter!

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