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Allegra K Woman Strap Sandals

This pair of gorgeous, go-anywhere Allegra K Woman Open Toe Chunky High Heel Ankle Strap Sandals are ready for every upcoming event, regardless of the season or formality. Their simple design pairs well with just about any style, and the wrap around ankle strap ensures that they stay in place all day or night, whether your gift recipient is out to brunch, attending a wedding, or dancing the night away at the area’s hottest club. Thanks to their perfectly portioned 3 3/8 inch height, these shoes keep arches in good alignment and don’t get particularly uncomfortable throughout the course of the event as most high heels do. Their on-trend chunky nature makes them stable and easy to walk and dance in. The comfortable suede-like fabric is soft against the foot and adds an extra level of comfort for when your gift recipient feels like kicking up their heels.

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The heels are made from a sturdy, durable material so your gift recipient won’t ever have to worry about whether their heels are going to go flimsy and unbalanced on them. The padded insole adds cushion to the ball of the foot, where the pressure points fall, making these heels significantly more comfortable than many unpadded pairs. Their non-slip sole helps add strength and stability to the walking and dancing ability of these shoes. Even with all of these extra features for comfort and stability, this pair of shoes remains lightweight. Your gift recipient won't need to be lugging around unnecessary extra weight on their feet all day long.