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Accoutrements Shakespearean Insult Bandages

Every home should have a pack of adhesive bandages (if you live in the UK, this is the same thing as sticking plasters) to help stop the bleeding, and to help protect a small wound from becoming dirty and infected. Obviously if the wound is bigger than one of these bandages can cope with, the patient should always seek medical advice but this pack contains self-adhesive bandages that are perfect for the normal cuts and scrapes that everyone gets around the home.

You may ask what these bandages have that is so different from normal boring bandages you can buy from the supermarket or corner store. The answer is that these bandages each have an insult printed on them, written in Elizabethan dialect and lifted straight from the works of English playwright, William Shakespeare.

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Shakespearean Insult Bandages! What more could anyone ask, especially if the person you are buying for is especially well-read and prefers to throw insults that nobody else will understand.

Each resealable tin is colourfully decorated with an artist’s impression of The Bard himself to remind the owner who they have to thank for the sharp and scathing witticisms printed on each of the fifteen bandages inside.

They can see what made the Elizabethan populace laugh and kept them entertained during the performances of Shakespeare’s world famous plays. They weren’t all gloomy and boring, William Shakespeare had to entertain the people of 16th Century London and they came from all types of backgrounds, including royalty, noblemen and the ordinary folk. If his words did not entertain then he was out of a job. Let us hope they entertain you and the person who is wearing one of these fantastic bandages.


The re-usable and resealable tin contains fifteen self-adhesive bandages (sticking plasters)

Each bandage shows a portrait of Williams Shakespeare together with an original scathing insult from one of his plays

There is a free gift inside (but it is a secret)

The bandages are large enough to cover and protect most household cuts and scrapes


Nowhere on the packaging does it say that the bandages are waterproof or not