How to Shit Around the World: The Art of Staying Clean

Do you have a loved one who loves traveling around the world or a traveler friend whom you have not seen for ages, and they are coming back? You probably have missed all the special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas among others. But most of all, you have missed their presence in your life, and you wish to welcome them back with a special gift to remind that that that they have been in your mind all along.

If you are debating what kind of gift to get for them, one that they will be able to carry with them while traveling, worry no more.  This funny book by Dr. Wilson -Howarth and Kathleen Meyer titled How To Shit Around The World, is perhaps the best gift you can ever give to a traveler. Even though it is written with humor, the information in this book will come in handy for a traveler.

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Detailed information about How to Shit Around the World: The Art of Staying Clean

The book, Travelers’ Tales Guide, is well written and includes funny stories in each chapter to prepare a traveler for the unusual toilet encounters they are likely to come across while touring different parts of the world.  It's not a secret that some public toilets can scare the living out you and disgust you, to say the least.

The author understands that the issue of toilets can torment a traveler and that its one the challenges they face while traveling. It is the price travelers pay to enjoy the beauty of the world. And so, the book goes on to wittingly guide a traveler on how to stay clean and healthy as they travel. The author does this by giving funny and hilarious tales to make the reader understand that public toilets can be dirty and horrifying.


Available in paperback format

The book has useful information for travelers on hygiene and health

It’s well written with funny tales to entertain the reader