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Chanasya 5-Piece Comfort Gift Pack

As much as you would want to be present when a friend is ailing, it might not work all the time. With the busy schedules and work to attend to, you will most likely see them a few times during the phase. But, you could show love and presence by getting them a gift they can hold on to when you are away.

Think of this 5-piece gift set from Chanasya. It is designed for care and comfort for a sick friend, family or colleagues. The set will come in handy during the treatment and recuperating phases they have to bear. As a friend, this is probably one of the best things you could get for them.

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Detailed information about Chanasya 5-Piece Comfort Gift Pack

So, what comes in the set? This 5-piece package includes a throw blanket that measures 50 by 65 inches. It is of the right size to curl in and warm up during chilly days. Also included is a pair of socks, an eye mask, and a soft neck pillow. The pieces come with a foldable tote bag to carry the items or use it for other purposes.

The pillow, blanket and the tote bag come with prints of encouraging words to comfort the recipient and help them pull through. Also, the items are designed to help a friend keep warm, comfortable and feel the love and care. The good thing is that all the pieces can be used after getting well as everyday items.