3D Rose ‘I Don’t Sweat I Sparkle’ Towel

This beautiful Turquoise towel from 3dRose is a perfect gift for her. If you are looking for a lovely Christmas gift for her or a Mothers’ Day gift, this cute towel will without a doubt be a hit. It’s super cute and stylish. Though not a proven fact, it true that women have a thing for towels and they never seem to have enough of them whether in the kitchen, bathroom or in the bedroom, the collection keeps growing.

How nice would it be that you be the one to upgrade her towel rack with this gorgeous Turquoise towel?

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Detailed information about 3D Rose ‘I Don’t Sweat I Sparkle’ Towel

The towel is made of 63% polyester material(microfiber) and 37 % cotton - velour terry cloth. After the first washing, this cute towel amazingly regains its fullness. It's durable and it retains its beautiful look even after several washes.

It's very soft and highly absorbent. It has the right weight that gives it a good hold. It absorbs moisture quickly and dries off pretty fast. She will not have to worry about it getting damp or retaining moisture for long.

It measures approximately 15X22". It can be used as a hand or a sports towel. It's beautifully designed and it will look pretty good in a room. It will bring character and style to any space especially when displayed on the towel rack.


Made of polyester and microfiber material

It has a lovely image printed on it that does not fade after washing

It's machine washable