Moozica 17 keys Kalimba Thumb Piano

The music lover in your life will pleasantly be surprised at the sight of this magnificent 17 keys Kalimba by Moozica. This one is must-have for anyone who loves playing instruments, and it shouldn’t be missing in their studio or among their instrument collection.

Whether one is a beginner or a pro, they will certainly enjoy playing all kinds of songs with this Kalimba. More so, with the 17keys, they can even go ahead and compose their own songs and develop a good sense of rhythm. The tune produced by the Moozica Kalimba when played is nearly the same as that produced by the piano.

It produces high-quality sound and admirable resonance. This Kalimba is skillfully handmade and handcrafted using a high-quality selection of toned wood. The company, Moozica, focuses on the quality of material and the detailing to ensure they deliver a sound product with great musical performance.

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Detailed information about Moozica 17 keys Kalimba Thumb Piano

This particular Kalimba features a unique design with fine smooth finishing and a natural wood pattern. The body is made of solid spruce wood and acacia Koa, a unique wood material popularly used for soundboard and acoustic guitar.

The 17 keys are made of metal. Thus, they are durable and will never rust. Each key delivers bright sound, soothing and thrilling tunes.

With this music instrument, the user gets a different kind of melody delivered in beautiful sound. It's simple and yet still manages to produce a stunningly sweet sound.


A uniquely designed Kalimba with 17 metallic keys

Made of quality and durable wood materials

It has a nice finish with natural wood patterns

Produces high-quality sound

Easy to learn and convenient to use

Comes in a canvas bag