Wednesday Addams Enamel Pin

For those who collect enamel pins, here is a new and fantastic addition. This Wednesday Addams pin is a unique and fun collectible that is certain to make any pin collection better and any Halloween fiend happier. Wednesday Addams is renown for hating, well, literally everything, but we are betting that this adorably creepy pin wouldn’t be on her hate list.

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Detailed information about Wednesday Addams Enamel Pin

Who doesn’t remember The Addams Family? They were the creepiest, friendliest, quirkiest, and probably the most interesting family on television in the 60s. The ultra strange progeny of Morticia and Gomez Addams were Pugsley and of course, Wednesday. She was as emotionally flat as an opened week old can of soda. Nothing ever disturbed or disrupted her passive emotionless face. Aside from the white collar, her dress, shoes, and stockings were as black as her hair, that was perpetually styled in long straight braids.

A very distinctive look for a very distinctive girl. This darling and diminutive enameled pin is the essence of Wednesday Addams in every way…except for one very cool addition, the totally rockin’ sunglasses she is sporting. A fun variation on an out of the ordinary little girl.

  • Well made of silver metal that is of very high quality
  • Safely and securely attaches via a butterfly clasp in the back
  • Beautifully and skillfully enameled