Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men: The Flipbooks

Shall we just agree at the start of this review that Walt Disney merchandise can either be classy or tacky? Well, this product is definitely in the classy category. “Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men: The Flipbooks” written by Pete Docter and the Walt Disney Animation Research Library is a box set of nine flip books that would add quality to anyone’s bookshelf.

The box set pays tribute to the nine original animators of the Walt Disney Studios. The Nine Old Men: Frank Thomas; Eric Larson; Les Clark; John Lounsberry; Ollie Johnson; Ward Kimball; Wolfgang Reitherman; Milt Kahl and Mark Davis.

Each flip book portrays a well-known scene from an animated Disney cartoon in the original line drawn sketches. The cartoons include some of Disney’s classic early ones from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, such as Dumbo, Fantasia and Bambi as well as many more. Additionally, the box also contains interesting information about each of the nine artists.

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Detailed information about Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men: The Flipbooks

This would be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of anyone who adores the great Disney cartoon characters of the golden age. This is a great gift for just about anyone who loves the great Disney characters and always wondered how they were made to move.

The flipbooks use the original line drawings drawn by the artists who made each character famous. Just about everyone grew up with the Disney characters and everyone has their favorite, ours is that lovable flying elephant Dumbo. Which one is yours?


This is a great gift for all those friends or members of the family who adore Disney and the classic cartoon characters developed during the middle decades of the twentieth century

This is a classic box set to liven up the Christmas morning of everyone who has ever seen a Disney cartoon

The gift will sit on a bookshelf and remind the collector of a childhood filled with the wonder of Disney cartoons