VSSL Essentials

When it comes to outdoor survival gear, the people at VSSL know what they’re doing. With products ranging from zombie apocalypse stakes to emergency tents that fold up to fit inside a small flashlight, they’ve got a little something for every outdoor spirit, and even for those who just want to be prepared for the ‘what-ifs’ in life. While you won’t be able to rely on the products here forever, they have been designed to be easily replaced, and ready for the next short-term excursion. A great gifts for those who love the outdoor life!

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Detailed information about VSSL Essentials

Whether one is a complete novice to the idea of venturing outside or a pro who just wants a unique, innovative essential outdoor kit, this bundle is made for them. Never be unprepared for whatever might come your way, and have everything on hand, at the ready in a simple, compact, useful tool. Throw in the knife and you’ll be ready for anything the outdoors has in store for you. The kit is completely compact and can easily be taken along in a backpack, as it weighs in at just over one pound.