Vintage Canvas Leather Laptop Backpack

Backpacks have become a staple addition in students and men’ s wardrobe. They are not only a practical accessory, but they are also a representation of one’s style and personality. They are associated with adventure, escape, and of course constant movement. It gives you the freedom to move around while keeping your hands free.

If your gift list includes a student, a daily commuter, a camper, or an outdoorsman, then this vintage canvas leather backpack by SUVOM should definitely be your pick. The backpack combines style, retro fashion, functionality and high quality, all into one description.

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Detailed information about Vintage Canvas Leather Laptop Backpack

It qualifies to be a school bag, a laptop bag, and travel rucksack. Whether you are traveling, or going to school, or commuting daily to work or you are a regular hiker, this bag will serve you excellently all day. It’s a highly fashionable bag, designed for comfort and durability.

One thing that stands out with this canvas leather backpack is the functional space. It is quite roomy, and it can and hold cellphones, books, clothes, iPad, 15" laptop and other personal stuff depending on where you are going or your lifestyle. It will be a great choice for shopping, going to school, traveling, hiking, cycling, a weekend get-away and other outdoor activities.

It measures approximately 12.9" x 5.07" x 17" and has good construction which allows one to pack whatever they want to carry, and it won't look overstuffed. In addition, it features reinforced and padded shoulder straps to ensure comfort and provide excellent shoulder protection. No matter how long it stays on your back, you won't feel the strain on your shoulders.


Made of high-quality leather and canvas material

It has a durable construction

It's water resistant

Designed with multiple pockets

It has a comfortable design

Represents a retro fashion style