JitterBug Smartphone

Keeping in touch with family, especially as they grow older, is incredibly important. Modern technology, either through phone calls, email, video-conferencing software, or social media, connects us in ways never before possible. As families grow and move, distance no longer represents the barrier to the sharing of our lives with our loved ones as it once did thanks to this technology. However, for senior citizens, sometimes technology can be difficult or confusing to use. The GreatCall Jitterbug SmartPhone is the perfect solution!

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Detailed information about JitterBug Smartphone

When Grandma got the latest smartphone in order to video chat with her granddaughter away at college, but ended up emailing her pictures of her cat instead, Grandma thought that she could never keep up with the ever-advancing tide of technology. She wondered why there wasn’t a smartphone on the market designed for her. Well, now, she doesn’t have to wonder anymore. The JitterBug from GreatCall is specifically designed for seniors. It features a 5.5” easy-to-read touchscreen and a 5.0 megapixel camera, as a well as a streamlined menu for hassle-free use! It is also includes 5star senior safety programs so the user can feel safe and confident anytime, anywhere. It even offers hearing aid compatibility and voice dictation making emails, text messages, memos, and notes a breeze!