Trunk-It Golf Gear Storage

The Trunk-It Golf Gear Storage by Pro Active is the perfect gift for the golf aficionado with lots of equipment. Crafted with convenience in mind, this golf storage is the perfect solution for all the nuisance that comes with owning a lot of gear. With this Trunk-It Golf Gear Storage Trunk Organizer, your gift recipient will have a much easier time preparing for their day on the golf course. In fact, they won’t ever have to be unprepared again!

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Detailed information about Trunk-It Golf Gear Storage

Any golf lover knows that getting your gear to and from the golf course can be quite the hassle. If you go often enough, you’ll likely want to leave much of your gear in the car to avoid having to lug it in and out of the trunk every time you get home or are headed out. Since it's 600 Denier material, this organizer is built to last. It features sturdy zippers and an easy-carry handle on the side for transportation to and from the first hole. Offering plenty of storage space, it stands at 19"x15"x6", making sure there is enough room for your gift recipient’s extra gear. With this organizer in their trunk, they won’t have their gear all over the trunk of their car. The organizer’s dividers are adjustable, allowing your gift recipient to customize their storage to their particular needs, creating sections for golf shoes, snacks, golf tees, and a wide variety of other golfing necessities.