Laptop Backpack for School & Travel – Tocode 17”

Kids these days are blessed with technological advancement that us adults did not have the opportunity to experience growing up. The trouble is, sometimes one (or all) of their playing devices lose battery and the fun stops for them. What’s more, if their phone loses charge you will not be able to contact them, which in many cases, worries a parent to the point of freaking out.

Good thing technology also benefits us older humans because now you can give your kids something that they can use every day – a backpack. But of course, we are not talking about a normal backpack – we are talking about the Laptop Backpack from Tocode.

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Detailed information about Laptop Backpack for School & Travel – Tocode 17”

This innovative gray backpack looks like the usual bag, but wait until you read about its special features. It actually has a USB charging port built-in, so your kids can charge their phone and tablet without having to open up the bag. It also has a headphone port so they can listen to music without having to take out their phones and worrying about the cord tangling.

The bag is also waterproof and has a couple of compartments to put various stuff in like clothes, a laptop as big as 17 inches, books, a camera, tablet, and other items they wish to put in there.


Roomy and has lots of pockets for better organization

USB and Headphone ports are very helpful