The Tabletop Adventurer’s Tome

The Grimoire is a spell-book lost in time. Countless adventurers have toiled over its secrets. This dungeon chronicler gives players a single place to keep track of everything that happens during their dnd session. Ideal design for on-boarding new players: This journal features 12 guided sections where you can fill in party information, objectives, NPC info, character backstory and more! All lines in the notebook are dark grey, instead of black, so they are less distracting. There are dotted grids for mapping and doodling.
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Detailed information about The Tabletop Adventurer’s Tome

When you meet important NPCs in-game, note some information about them at the beginning of the session chapter, and leave a more detailed account at the back of the book for reference later.
There are blank pages for artwork and extra lined pages for additional notes. Over time, you can use the sections at the back of the book to expand on your character’s backstory as you come up with clever ideas while playing.