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The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs

A skill that all outdoorsmen should encourage is the ability to look at the natural world around us and read the signs that are there if only we knew how to read them. What we are talking about are things like how the tree roots can indicate the direction of the sun; how moss on a tree trunk shows the direction of North; how the Big Dipper (The Great Bear or The Plough) can tell the time; what a passing butterfly can teach about the oncoming weather; how a sand dune or simply a beach can talk about the prevailing winds and many more indications from the natural world.

After reading this book, all he needs to do is walk around the landscape, it can be in the country or in the city, by day or night, along the coast or as far inland as possible. Just by keeping eyes and ears open, one can tell many things about the world around us, if only we knew what to look for.

This book by Tristan Gooley, The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs, will show the reader a world full of clues that is so easy to read as long as the reader knows what he or she is looking for.

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The author has pioneered a rebirth in the art of natural navigation using his writing and courses. He has led and been part of expeditions throughout the world. He has studied the methods of tribal people who come from some of Earth’s remotest regions. This book will give a summary of all that he has learned from the natural sources at his disposal.

For example, Gooley made a discovery while on a sailing expedition to Iceland that has since become part of the British military’s survival guidance instructions. The discovery was that if while at sea, one sees more than ten birds in any given five minute time window then the observer is within 40 miles from land.


This book is written by one of the foremost natural navigators around

The book will teach everyone to look at the natural world in a different light

This is a perfect book for the outdoorsman, the hiker, sailor or just someone who likes to observe the natural world