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The Complete Ramona Collection: Beezus and Ramona

Beverly Clearly has been influencing the minds of children since the 1950’s. You would be hard pressed to find someone alive today who has not at least heard of her books, let alone remember the worlds that they put kids into. Wouldn’t you like to share that wonderful feeling with other kids as well?

Which is why you will love this full collection of Ramona books for kids! For the first time, all 8 of Beverly Cleary’s Ramona titles can be found in one place!

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Detailed information about The Complete Ramona Collection: Beezus and Ramona

Ramona is a series of books that focus on the life of Ramona Quimby, as well as her family and friends. It showcases the world through the eyes of Ramona, and also likes to teach lessons to children in a very humorous and quality way. Such as the first book, which shows her sister, Beezus, struggling to love her little sister despite being annoyed by her.