Teenitor Face Mask Mixing Bowl Set

Face masks are cool, but you must also think about hygiene when applying one. Now you don’t have to worry because this mixing tool has been laid out for you. This set comes with a measuring spoon to perfect the right amount of face mask you need. It also has a spatula where you can mix everything, and a brush to help you better apply the mask on your face. All materials in this kit are sturdy so don’t think about it as plastic that’s easy to break. It’s perfect for those nights you also wish to do DIYs.


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Detailed information about Teenitor Face Mask Mixing Bowl Set

Women love this mixing tool because they’re sure to use the most appropriate amount to clean their face with all the active ingredients. The measuring scoops certainly help and because these are all in mini sizes, it’s something you can easily store and even bring with you in sleepovers.